Do you ever have those days where at the end of the night you have to think back to decide if you were actually productive? I’m having one of those days. Here I am at 11 PM trying to think back on the day to decide whether it was productive or not. It didn’t feel productive, but surely I did something useful today. I did, indeed- actually, just not as much as I would have liked. But that’s okay. This morning I worked on a special project, and then managed to eventually (hours later) get out of the house so Riley could visit her Great-Grandmother. I might not have spent hours at the sewing machine, but I wouldn’t trade those visits for anything. Riley is really lucky to have two Great-Grandmothers, and we got to see both of them today.

This past year has been incredibly trying on our family. I won’t get into details now, they’ll reveal themselves eventually, but it has made me appreciate time with family even more than before. The Great-Grandmother we visited earlier today sort of is to blame for all this sewing business. Sort of, not really, but lets say she is! Ha. It was on her sewing machine in her house that I learned, but my Aunt was the one who taught me. She’s a pretty amazing seamstress, and has a much better understanding of clothing construction than I do, which is why I ended up making the things I do (mostly non-clothing items). One of the reasons for this new adventure is to strengthen my sewing skills making new things – including more clothes. So not only did my Aunt teach me on my Grandma’s sewing machine, but it goes even further than that. My Great-Grandmother (who I did not have the privilege of knowing) was the original seamstress of the family. Two years ago we uncovered a sizable collection of sewing notions and things she made that have been saved over the years. What an incredibly special find!

So here I am, creating and sewing on an almost daily basis, experimenting with selling vintage sewing notions, and starting this blog. So why start this blog? Well, I know you all find my life so interesting….no…just kidding. But hopefully you find it at least a little interesting, because I’m excited to share my experiences with you. I plan to try fun sewing tutorials and share the results with you, create my own tutorials for unique items for you to try, work on creating a felt busy book for Riley, and of course share fun life anecdotes with you.
Well, I feel a little bit more productive today, so mission accomplished. It was just one of those days, and if you’ve had one, you know the feeling.

Good night


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