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So most of you know that I have an Etsy shop where I specialize in handmade baby, children and dog accessories. I was getting an itch to try some new items outside of those categories and decided to try my hand at sewing zipper bags. I’ll probably make a ton of these, but for now 5 will do! These zipper bags are definitely not for beginner sewers, but an intermediate sewer can have some fun with these. These would be so cute in some of the fabrics I have available in my Cotton Woven fabric section of my shop here at Busy Bee Fabric Co (formerly Sew Jersey Mama).

I have a tendency to steer clear of anything with a zipper, and I felt like it’s time to get over this silly fear and tackle it. It is so much easier than I thought. The last time someone (my Aunt) tried teaching me how to sew a zipper I was a child, and the task was much more intimidating.

I tried a few zipper bag tutorials and the first bag I tried was the “Boxie Pouch” by So Chick Handbags & Embroidery. I love the boxy shape which allows you to fit tons of stuff in it. Perfect to gather electronics and wires, or toiletries to throw into a suitcase. These are also a great size for keeping some of these little teether toys and rattles contained. You can easily use waterproof material for the lining. I ended up using stiffer interfacing for the last two I made of these to help them keep their shape. I used Pellon 809 interfacing, which you can buy here on amazon.Pellon Décor Bond Heavy Fusible Interfacing 809P By the Yard

Link to blog post and tutorial here: Boxie Pouch 

The other zipper bag I tried is the “My Favorite Zipper Pouch” by Jedi Craft Girl. This one was a little quicker, and it is a great size for travel size toiletries to throw in a purse or diaper bag.

Link to blog post and tutorial here: My Favorite Zipper Pouch

After doing a few of these, I feel pretty confident with zippers and don’t feel like I need to avoid them any long. The possibilities are now endless!

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