Cotton Spring Baby Bibs!

I am so ready for it to warm up here! We got teased in February with a few warm days, and now there’s snow on the ground again. At least I had a few days stuck inside to get some spring baby bibs done for my Etsy shop, Milk & Bones.
So if you’re wondering, Milk & Bones is my baby, children, and dog accessory brand. You can read more about how that got started in the about me section.


I love my bibs! I know… you’re thinking who does this girl think she is? But I stand by my product 100%. I have experimented with many kinds of backing and sizing to make the best bibs. What I have come up with is a durable bib featuring adorable, fun and unique prints that will work from a little one’s first bites through toddler years. I love the hunt to find the fabrics, probably my favorite part, aside from sending out finished products. The backing to my bibs is a surprisingly soft and thick waffled-terry cloth. I was so excited to find this on, because the only other place I knew to order from was Germany, and wow, shipping would be expensive.

As a new mom, I wasn’t really sure when I started making these bibs how long we’d still be using them. Well, Riley is now 18 months and we are still using these. There are meals that are not as messy and we may skip, but spaghetti night, we are for sure using one. Even at 18 months old, it still covers most of her shirt, and with the snaps, I’m able to adjust the neck to fit her and she can’t pull them off. I checked with my mama friends, and we’re not the only ones still using bibs through the toddler years. I have some store bibs left in the cabinet that just do not fit her at all anymore, and cover only a few inches of her clothes. Not helpful at all! The bibs I made for Riley before she was even born are still holding up well and strong.


I didn’t have any new styles to add for boys this time round, sorry boy mamas,  but I have a few more summer prints for boys I’ll be releasing next round! So stay tuned.


You can check out the bibs I have for sale at my etsy shop here. They’ll be available in my shop tab soon.

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