10+ Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Toddlers

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably drowning in kids toys by the time your little one reaches toddlerhood. Every once in awhile we do a purge of the living room and toy buckets to get rid of or put aside things for a possible future sibling, but somehow the toys still multiply. While we’ll probably end up with a few new toys to foster development, it would be great to lessen the load with some non-toy gifts that Riley will still be able to enjoy or just be super useful.

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I’ve rounded up 10+ perfect non-toy gift ideas for toddlers. This is a great list to refer to for Christmas or birthdays. Be sure to share with your family and friends!

1. A personalized story book by I See Me

These books are absolutely adorable and perfect for a toddler or young kiddo. There are so many to choose from so you can be sure to find something your little one likes. They will feel extra special since it features their name. Another great thing they offer are books for special occasions and they offer gift sets.


2.Dress Up Costumes

 Little Adventures make-believe costumes and toys will help spark your toddler’s imagination. First and foremost I love the fact that many of these are princesses, princes, superheroes and more that are un-branded. While most kids have favorite characters from movies or tv shows, I think it’s incredibly important to balance that with items not associated with pre-determined characters and story-lines to foster imagination. Little Adventures offers an affordable and expansive line of costumes your little one will love dressing up in for hours of imaginative play.


3.  Fun Food Cutter

Make your toddler’s food fun and appealing with FunBites. There’s a few differently shaped cutting tools to choose from, including Paw Patrol theme. They are easy and quick to use and will allow you to quickly make your toddler’s meals a little bit more fun and enticing.

4. Craft Activity Boxes

Get a subscription or individual boxes full of crafts and activities about science and arts by Green Kids Crafts. The boxes are available for ages 2-10 and their focus is STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) through learning, discovery and fun. In addition, the company strives to be sustainable through the use of recycled materials, compostable packaging, and avoiding certain materials. A craft box that also fosters learning is a great gift for a little one or even older kid as something you can do with your kids to have fun and learn about important relevant subjects.

5. Labels!

Okay so this one might not be all that exciting for your little one to unwrap, but these are seriously useful especially if your toddler or kiddo goes to daycare or school. Mabel’s Labels offers so many different kinds of labels that will make your life easier. They offer so many cute designs in ‘dishwasher safe, microwave safe and waterproof’ labels as well as iron-on labels and much more. They also have medical alert and allergy related items as well! They have some other handy products as well. Be sure to take a look. Like I said, labels might not be super exciting to your kiddo, but at least labels with cute rainbows or robots will make it more fun for them!

6. Explorer Kits

Another subscription box option that is a little different than the last. Little Passports offers monthly activity boxes related to travel and discovery. Boxes are available in different age ranges starting at 3 and go to about 9+. In the first month you’ll get your little suitcase and tag, stickers and other activities, and the months after that you will get different activities, learning materials, souvenirs, letters and more depending on the age group. The kit will teach your little one about places around the world and around the USA. It is so important for children to learn about the world, and this is a fun way to do it. The best part about Little Passports is that it is so reasonably priced starting as low as $12.95 a month.

7. Mini Guitars

Okay, so this is still a “thing” that will take up space, but not a toy. I’m way too excited that I stumbled upon this not to share. It’s a very special little guitar made by a company called Loog just for little kids with little hands. As someone with a musical background, and passion for bands from the past, like The Beatles, I think this is the coolest little guitar I could ever get Riley. The company offers both acoustic and electric guitars that are made with just 3 strings. They are similar in size to a Ukulele but are tuned and designed like a guitar which makes it easier to transition to a regular sized guitar later on. These guitars are absolutely adorable and the craftsmanship is clear, yet very reasonably priced. To go along with the guitar is a specially designed app and flashcards to help your kid learn chords and songs. I strongly believe music and creating music are so important for children, and this is such a special way to introduce it to them.

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8. Cooking with your Kids!

Another cool subscription I stumbled across, Kidstir, sends a monthly kit that encourages your kiddo to help in the kitchen. There’s no age group listed, but it seems starting around 3 would be appropriate, but we are going to try one month with Riley (2) because she likes helping mama. In the box they send you two fun cooking tools for your kiddo, recipe cards, educational pages, and activities and games. Each month has a different focus so you won’t get bored with this subscription. It’s a great hands on activity while spending some quality family time together.

9. The Most Fun Pajamas

Leveret makes the cutest pajamas for kids (and mom and dad…and the dog!). They’re known for their matching kid and doll pajamas, but they have so many cute styles for everyone. We personally love their cotton kid and doll jammies, but the new ‘flannel’ style is really cute as well. They have a ton of fun, unique prints to choose from, or fun colorful stripes. There’s even an organic line if that’s important to you! The best part, if you’re kids into it, they have matching pajamas for mom and dad too.



10. Mess free and fun placemats

Has your toddler become a picky eater? These cute placemats by EZPZ will make meal time fun again and easy to clean up for you. These special silicone placemats are made to suction to the table, and have the sectioned plate, or bowl built right into it (read: toddler can not throw plate on the ground). They come in a bunch of different colors and sizes, in happy faces and even care bears. The mini mat is great to throw in the diaper bag for restaurants and much more eco friendly than throw-away stick on placemats. They are offering free shipping but look out for deals which they frequently post!


11. Creative Play Kits, Dress Up, and an Interactive Bear

I couldn’t really pick just one item from this fabulous company I stumbled upon. Seedling has many unique, genuine creative play kits that would be perfect for your little ones. Their “toy” kits are making it to the non-toy list because these require your little one to be creative and crafty. In the 2-4 range there are some adorable adventure cape kits, as well as a few playtime kits. Their bear, Parker, is pretty awesome too. Okay, so this is sort of a toy, but stay with me. He’s interactive through accessories and an app. So he is more than just another stuffed animal. Your little one (about 3+) will take care of Parker with the doctor accessories, through the app his world comes to life with magical details, and there are games and puzzles to do with him promoting STEM. The prices of these kits are super reasonable too and they’re about to have a stocking stuffer sale! Take a look.  They have other kits and activities for ages about 2-8+ and shipping is free for orders $50 and more.

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Non-Toy Gift Guide | Gift Guide Kids | Toddler Gift Ideas | Holiday Gift Ideas | Christmas Gifts | Toddlers | Kids | Birthday Gift Ideas

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine. Thank you for supporting us!

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