Holiday Outfits for Toddlers 2018!

Update November 2018: I revamped this post with this year’s styles! I love the change Gymboree made to their style. There are so many adorable dresses I’d love to get for my daughter. Their holiday collection this year is super sweet, subtle, classic but with a modern twist.


It’s already that time of year! We’re a few days into November, and the rush begins. I’ve shared a holiday gift list already, which you can check out here -> 10+ Non-Toy Gifts for Toddlers, but now it’s time to focus on what to wear!

It does seem silly to make such a fuss, but there’s something about wearing festive and cozy clothes this time of year that just feels necessary. Fall and winter fashions and styles are the only thing I actually like about this time of year. You might remember I really despise this cold weather, but wearing sherpa lined boots and cozy plaid makes things a little bit better!

So where to get the cute clothes for your little one? I know I make Riley a few pieces here and there but I can’t resist some of the outfits at Gymboree. They always have good deals going, and some super cute clothes. I’ve rounded up a few highlights from their Holiday collection to share with you.

Here are some of the toddler outfits, but they have similar ones in girls’ sizes too. There’s tons more but I thought these were especially cute for holiday parties. I love how unique the floral one is for the holidays!

Gymboree-Holiday Collection - Toddler Clothes - Girl Clothes

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Can’t forget the boys! Adorable choices! Did I mention that the holiday collection is on sale right now? Go check it out now!

If you’re looking to make your little one’s clothes this holiday season, take a look at my post for girls dresses  or a free t-shirt pattern.

Thank you! Happy Shopping!!!

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