Adorable Pajamas!

Hi all!

I know it’s been awhile, but I just had to share these pajamas I found for Riley. Riley has been loving her dolls the past couple months, and she enjoys dressing them (read: makes me change their clothes for her). Anyway, I found these cute pajamas from Leveret that come with a matching pajama in doll size!!

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Who knew something so simple could be so exciting? But I guess when you’re almost 3, little things like that are pretty surprising. I love getting her dressed and then showing her that her little dolly (who my husband named “Baby Hank”) is already dressed in matching pajamas. She just lovesss it.  The best part is that they’re 100% cotton. I never liked the flame-treated pajamas because of the stiff feel or the polyester ones. Riley has a tendency to sweat at night, so these are perfect. They’re breathable so she doesn’t overheat, and they’re just really soft.

She loved the ballerina nightgown too.

Leveret Pajamas, Nightgown, Matching Girl and Doll,



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With so many cute prints to choose from, your kiddo will definitely find something they love. Oh, and matching for baby and mom and dad. Seems like they have a sale going on so check it out!

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