Three Easy Sewing Projects for You and Your Home

If you’re relatively new to sewing and looking for some easy projects, I have a few great ideas. Below is a list of pretty easy projects, that are great items to add to your house or for yourself. The fun part about making these things yourself is that you can pick the perfect fabrics to go with your house or style.

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  1. The Car Trash Bag
    This is a great easy pattern and something you probably didn’t realize you need. This little trash bag for your car is great to have, keeps the car cleaner, and gives your car a little style.
    DIY Car Trash Bag Tutorial | Sewing Tutorial | DIY Project | Car Trash Bag | Easy Sewing Project
  2. Easy Plastic Bag Holder
    Another project for keeping spaces neat and clean is the trash bag holder. This one is even easier!
    Plastic Bag Holder | Trash Bag Holder | DIY Sewing Project | Sewing for You
  3. Yoga Mat Bag
    This one is fun, and the perfect project to pick a great fabric that shows off your style. Nice little tote to make carrying your yoga bag easier from class to home.
    orkFree Yoga Mat Bag Tutorial | Easy Yoga Bag Tutorial | Sewing Tutorial | Yoga Mat Bag | Free Tutorial | Sew Jersey Mama
    If you’re looking to do some sewing for a little one in your family check out my tutorials for kids and babies.

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