Announcing Sew Jersey Mama becoming Busy Bee Fabric Co

Hello all!

I started Sew Jersey Mama as a place to share sewing patterns I had perfected and developed over time. I wanted to share these patterns and sewing tips, and anything to do with that. I was also running a handmade Etsy shop selling baby and toddler clothes and more recently started my fabric shop on Etsy. After thinking about which of these ventures to focus more of my time on, I decided to combine the fabric shop and blog as they are most related to each other. So that is why Sew Jersey Mama (the blog) is becoming Busy Bee Fabric Co (the fabric store and blog).

Busy Bee Fabric Co | Jersey Knit Fabric

I am so so excited for this new adventure!! I will be continuing to share sewing tips, patterns, and more as well as offering the perfect fabrics to complete the projects I share in my blog.

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Busy Bee Fabric Co | Sewing | Fabric Shop

Happy Sewing!

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