About Me

I’m Caity and the owner of Sew Jersey Mama and my accessories brand, Milk & Bones. Sewing has been present in my family since my Great-Grandmother, and likely long before her. My wonderful Aunt spent many days while I was younger teaching me to sew on my Grandmother’s sewing machine. My mother would make our Halloween costumes growing up, and I have always been inspired by the beautiful sewing notions saved from generations before us.

When I adopted my spanish greyhound, I was on the search for the perfect coat for her. She was my first (fur) baby, and I wanted everything for her to be special and unique. What I was finding was basic and uninspiring. I have always surrounded myself with color, fun prints, and unique design, so it’s no surprise I wouldn’t settle for boring. I decided I would make her a coat, a bed cover, and other accessories, and that is where my story begins. Using my sewing experience from childhood, and creativity, I was able to design and create the things I had set out to do. During this process I stumbled upon many other things I just had to make. As I started to learn how to make more things, requests started pouring in, and I began to develop a product line.

Milk & Bones has been a passion project of mine, has been the center of my world, and has also taken the back seat between moves due to the military, and the months after the birth of my daughter. Milk & Bones is back in full force, and I started Sew Jersey Mama to share my process, tips, tutorials, etc. If I could I would make everything myself, have an extensive product line with unlimited options and possibilities, but this is just simply not possible. Instead, I decided to share new ideas with you! I’m constantly learning as I tackle new projects and ideas, and I thought, why not share it with the world. I hope you enjoy this space, learn a few things, laugh a little, and most importantly, get inspired.


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