Riley’s Retro Psychedelic Bedroom

I’m so excited about this post! While I’ll never feel like her room is done and will probably keep buying more for it, I’m ready to share some photos! The theme is a mish-mash of psychedelic, retro, hippie and bright colors! Let’s take a tour and I’ll share where I got some of the decor!

Busy Bee Fabric Co - Kids Bedroom - Girls Bedroom - Vintage Bedroom - Retro room

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Starting off, I centered the room theme off this great area rug from Novagratz. Then we have this cute and classic white metal frame bed also from Novagratz with a vintage chenille bedspread passed down from family and then this adorable strawberry blanket. A fun flower pillow from H&M and a little Frida Kahlo doll (Frida quickly became a favorite after reading a story about her). Above the bed is a cute canvas with Frida Kahlo again that I found in Home Goods.

Riley has always had a couch or chair in her room for story time. She currently has my beloved pink couch from college, although it’s quite beat up, it’s a great place to read a story before bed. To finish up this corner we have a retro pillow I made with my Aunt as a kid, fun blackout curtains from Target, a felt ball garland and more Frida! The paper garlands can be found here at Two Hands Paperie.

Click through to find some of the goodies:

Novagratz Bed Frame

Similar felt ball garland 

Strawberry Blanket

Novagratz Rug

Frida Kahlo Pillow Doll 

Paper Garlands (Flowers and Frida Kahlo)

Busy Bee Fabric Co - Kids Bedroom - Girls Bedroom - Vintage Bedroom - Retro room

At this end of her bed, I used an Ikea Kallax shelf for her books and bins for some toys. We have a bunch of these 3 Sprout Bins for stuffed animals and laundry. I repainted an Ikea shelf and hung some metal decor for some extra details. I found some vintage fabric and used embroidery hoops to make some fun artwork.

Busy Bee Fabric Co - Kids Bedroom - Girls Bedroom - Vintage Bedroom - Retro room

Busy Bee Fabric Co - Kids Bedroom - Girls Bedroom - Vintage Bedroom - Retro room

Over on this side is the dresser/changing table for her little baby sister, Hazel. I painted this vintage dresser awhile ago for Riley but she needed a bigger one, so now this is the baby’s. I found the white storage rack and the mirror in Home Goods. The banner is from Two Hands Paperie.

Busy Bee Fabric Co - Kids Bedroom - Girls Bedroom - Vintage Bedroom - Retro room

I love how everything came together, and can’t wait to find more special pieces for her room. And to give credit where credit’s due, my mom painted the walls pink since I was pregnant. Riley loves having a pink room, it is a pretty cool room for a little girl.

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5 Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Goodies for Toddlers


Valentine’s Day with kids is fun! Between crafts, making cards for their friends, and picking out a few little treats, it’s a sweet way to show how much you love them. Here’s a few non-candy ideas for a little gift on Valentine’s Day.

Busy Bee Fabric Co | 5 Non- Candy Valentines Day Goodies for Toddlers | Valentines Day

  1. Matching girl and doll pajamas for your little girl.  These pajamas look so cute from Leveret. They’re 100% cotton and come with a tiny set for their 18″ doll. The perfect, cozy way to get in a Valentine’s Day mood.

Busy Bee Fabric Co | Non-Candy Valentine's day Gifts for toddlers | Leveret Pajamas

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2. A subscription to Green Kid Crafts. Get your toddler a subscription for a monthly box of crafts combining science and crafts. They also have individual boxes available if there’s a specific subject your little one likes. These are sure to keep them busy and learning each month.

3. A new dress up costume. Find the perfect dress up costume from Little Adventures. Your little one will love dressing up to create their favorite fantasy.

4. The sweetest outfit for Valentine’s Day. Find adorable outfits for Valentine’s Day at Janie and Jack. This sweet color block dress is simple and charming. Then there’s the cute shirts for boys, and more.\

Busy Bee Fabric Co | Non-Candy Valentine's Treats for Toddlers Busy Bee Fabric Co | Non-Candy Valentine's Treats for Toddlers

5. A Valentine’s Day Craft. Your little toddler will love decorating their own heart magnets with this set from Melissa and Doug.



Finding Time to Sew as a New Mom – Tips and Tricks

I’m often asked how I have time to run a handmade Etsy business, be a mom to a toddler, and work a full time job…. well it’s a good question. A lot of times I shrug my shoulders. Working on my Etsy shop became just a normal part of my day, but it wasn’t always that ‘easy’ when I think back. I started my Etsy shop before I had Riley, so I actually had a lot of time, but I wasn’t as serious about it as I became. Admittedly, I couldn’t start back up my business again till she was 6 months old when we moved. All of my supplies were in storage, which was a huge bummer. There were definitely things I wished I could have made her.

When I did get back to sewing it was quite a challenge, but I wasn’t working. I had, what seemed like, an abundance of time, but I was learning to balance that with a young baby. I think this transition period helped prepare me with some time management skills. I wanted to share some of the things I learned along the way for those of you who are just starting out. Whether you are sewing as a beginner and just wanting to make something for your little one, or if you’re thinking about starting your own sewing business.

Busy Bee Vintage Co | Finding Time to Sew as a New Mom | Sewing Tips and Tricks | Sewing Blog | Fabric Shop

Tip #1

Don’t use naps to clean and do chores. Okay, just not all the time. Don’t sleep during every nap either 🙂 What worked best for me, and still does, is to get some of these household tasks done while your little one is awake. If you have a baby, fold laundry on the couch or floor while they do tummy time on a mat next to you. If they’re old enough to sit, get them set up with toys in a highchair or bouncer activity center while you do dishes. You can still interact with them, be alert and available, but you can get things done as well. Nap time is so precious, you should not be wasting it on chores. I did most of my sewing and business tasks during nap time or after Riley’s bedtime. Yes, it was still only a 1-2 hour chunk of time, and if she woke up early it was a bit of a bummer, but it was relatively uninterrupted ‘me’ time.


Tip #2

Sew in assembly-line fashion. This is especially helpful if you’re sewing for a small business. It also works if you’re making a few of the same item at once. For example, if I’m making a few pairs of baby bummies, I will cut all my fabrics, then pin them all, then do 1-2 steps for each pair, and repeat until done. The main reason I do this is it breaks up the projects into manageable chunks. This is especially helpful if your sewing time gets cut short as there’s a better chance of finishing one or two tasks of a project during each ‘session’. It makes it easier to stop and pick up again and not be completely lost. It also helps keep your space and supplies organized.

Tip #3

Keep your space organized. This feels like an obvious one, but I thought i’d put it out there anyway. First, keep all tools you need regularly handy. I have a mug with pinking sheers, fabric scissors, paper scissors, seam ripper, pencil, small ruler, and poking stick to turn stuff around. I can get what I need quickly and switch between tools. I also have tape, pins, safety pins within easy access as well. I find myself putting off stuff that takes longer to dig out like all the supplies for snaps. I do have these all in one place, but I have to drag a bin out, etc. I also have all of my patterns organized and easily accessible as well. When I had to dig through a binder to find them, I actually took longer to start a project. I know it’s so silly and minor, but as a tired mom, one more thing to do and dig through was just holding me back. I have my patterns organized in a rolling cart drawer bin, and then each pattern is in a labeled file folder with all the sizes labeled in side it. Each drawer is a different category: Dresses, tops, bottoms. I pretty much know where to find everything quickly and know I can find all my sizes.

 I have two of these carts. They’re cute and keep my supplies and patterns organized, and fit under my Ikea desk.
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Tip #4

Entertain your little ones while you work. If you do find you have to work while your little one is awake, you will need to find a way to entertain them. First of all, set them up in the same room as you. This depends on the child, but even when Riley was 3 and able to play independently in the room next door, she’d rather bring her toys into my room where I was sewing and come set up right next to me. It felt a little bit like “being annoyed” but naturally she wanted to be involved in what I was doing. What I found to work best, was to just sort of embrace this. I would give her a few fabric scraps, even got her a toy ‘sewing machine’ and set her up at a little table next to mine. Other times I would just let her bring whatever toys into the room and have her play near me and try to be engaged verbally with whatever fantasy game she was playing. It is not easy and a bit distracting, but if I had to get something done it was my only choice. Setting her up with a tv show and snack in the next room never lasted long and I should be relatively grateful in the grand scheme of things. When she was younger I would set her up with toys in the pack n play in the room I was in. Some days, this simply doesn’t work. It’s too distracting, they need too much attention, too much interruptions. That’s okay. Its not their fault and its not your fault. Take a break, see if you can get them set up with an engaging activity and try getting back to work. If not, come back to it later. I want to say, you do not need to feel guilty for not sitting on the floor watching them play every second of the day. You are setting an example for them and you are not ignoring them! You are showing them how to work independently, how to concentrate, how to create things, etc etc. Riley even started folding her washcloths perfectly from watching me fold fabric. She learned that mommy does work and creates things and makes things for people.


This is the toy sewing machine we ended up getting Riley. It doesn’t actually really sew (I think there are a few out there). I was even prepared to just get her a tiny portable machine, but she ended up really liking this one, does not care at all that it doesn’t actually sew, but she loves the noise. There are a few things you can make with the yarn and felt, but she just pretend plays with it for the most part. Toy Sewing Machine

Tip #5

Set Realistic Goals and don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to get everything done as a new mom or if you’re new to sewing. There are definitely projects that have stopped me in my tracks as well, but you have to get past it. First of all, don’t take on too much, and be realistic. It’s great to have goals and timelines in mind of when you want to finish stuff, but if it doesn’t happen, you haven’t failed. You still have time, and you can still finish. It’s even okay to scrap a project all together if it’s not working out or just simply too hard yet. Set it aside. Get back to it later, or not, it’s okay. If you feel like you haven’t been in the mood or don’t have the energy to sew, go shopping (in the store or through your stash) for new fabric and get excited about something new. I usually do a personal project I’m really excited about to get back into sewing after taking a break. Browse new ideas on Pinterest to try something new.


Happy Sewing! Find fun fabric here for your projects!!

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Announcing Sew Jersey Mama becoming Busy Bee Fabric Co

Hello all!

I started Sew Jersey Mama as a place to share sewing patterns I had perfected and developed over time. I wanted to share these patterns and sewing tips, and anything to do with that. I was also running a handmade Etsy shop selling baby and toddler clothes and more recently started my fabric shop on Etsy. After thinking about which of these ventures to focus more of my time on, I decided to combine the fabric shop and blog as they are most related to each other. So that is why Sew Jersey Mama (the blog) is becoming Busy Bee Fabric Co (the fabric store and blog).

Busy Bee Fabric Co | Jersey Knit Fabric

I am so so excited for this new adventure!! I will be continuing to share sewing tips, patterns, and more as well as offering the perfect fabrics to complete the projects I share in my blog.

I hope you will follow us by signing up for my email newsletter.

Busy Bee Fabric Co | Sewing | Fabric Shop

Happy Sewing!

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Adorable Pajamas!

Hi all!

I know it’s been awhile, but I just had to share these pajamas I found for Riley. Riley has been loving her dolls the past couple months, and she enjoys dressing them (read: makes me change their clothes for her). Anyway, I found these cute pajamas from Leveret that come with a matching pajama in doll size!!

Leveret, Matching Pajamas, Girl and Doll Pajamas, Fish Pajamas, Cotton Pajamas


Who knew something so simple could be so exciting? But I guess when you’re almost 3, little things like that are pretty surprising. I love getting her dressed and then showing her that her little dolly (who my husband named “Baby Hank”) is already dressed in matching pajamas. She just lovesss it.  The best part is that they’re 100% cotton. I never liked the flame-treated pajamas because of the stiff feel or the polyester ones. Riley has a tendency to sweat at night, so these are perfect. They’re breathable so she doesn’t overheat, and they’re just really soft.

She loved the ballerina nightgown too.

Leveret Pajamas, Nightgown, Matching Girl and Doll,



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With so many cute prints to choose from, your kiddo will definitely find something they love. Oh, and matching for baby and mom and dad. Seems like they have a sale going on so check it out!

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How to Tackle Meal Planning While Staying on Budget with the Dinner Daily

So, I want to share a little secret with you. I am barely a “Pinterest mom” when it comes to meals (and other things).   I’m more of a hot mess, busy all the time, scour the freezer for last minute dinner plans kind of mom. Or rather, I was, until I discovered a fix for this problem.

Tackle Meal Planning on a Budget | The Dinner Daily | Mom Life | Parenting | Sew Jersey Mama | Frugal Living | Money Saving Tips

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My normal routine was to rush out of work a few minutes before the rest of the office, just to beat the crowd, to go pick up Riley, rush home, and then search the freezer for something I can heat up fast for the “hangry” toddler and myself to eat. This works terribly, by the way. Not only did dinner suck most nights, it took too long, and my grocery shopping trips were also a disaster.

I absolutely do not enjoy spending hours on Pinterest looking for recipes, trying to figure out if I had enough ingredients already to make it worth it, and then remember to make the list for what I needed ahead of time so I’m not trying to hunt down the recipe on my phone in the grocery store with an impatient toddler.

And that’s where The Dinner Daily comes along. I’ve tried meal delivery services where they send you the ingredients, and it just didn’t work out for me. It’s not ideal for me to have that box sitting on my front step all day since we’re gone long hours. The Dinner Daily has been the best solution for me to have great meals planned for the week. Also, those delivery box services are expensive, and this is not!

So here’s how it works. You sign up with The Dinner Daily for as little as $4 a month. You tell them your preferences like family size, food preferences (meats, allergies, gluten free, etc), and store preference. Then they will send you a meal plan for the week based on the deals at your preferred store (which can be changed as well as your other preferences). The menus are sent out based on a schedule depending on the store, and it also provides you a shopping list which you can edit if you already have some of the items.  You can also swap out meals if there’s something you don’t like.

I know this is not the prettiest food ever, but it was tasty!

This makes meal planning and grocery shopping so stupidly easy. I usually end up with a range of dishes with 30-60 minute prep times, and occasionally a crock pot dish or two. I add a few items to my shopping list like milk, or snacks, and then head off to the store. I was seriously shocked when I came out of the market with meat and other items for 5 full meals, extra items for my family like snacks and milk, and I was under $100. That is insane!

Usually I spend way too much, buy stuff I don’t end up using that goes bad, and have no plan for the week ahead of me.

I’m not kidding when I say this has been a game changer for me. It’s so affordable, it’s a no-brainer. I know I’ll be saving money so I don’t stress about the $1.50 a week or something it comes out too.

It only takes me about 10 minutes to go over the menu, swap anything out that I want and print the list. I have enjoyed cooking new dishes I would have never thought of before and my family has been enjoying.

If you’re skeptical but want to test this out, The Dinner Daily offers a two week free trial. You will be hooked, but who doesn’t like free things?!

Here’s to stress free meal planning and sticking to the budget! Enjoy!

Holiday Outfits for Toddlers 2018!

Update November 2018: I revamped this post with this year’s styles! I love the change Gymboree made to their style. There are so many adorable dresses I’d love to get for my daughter. Their holiday collection this year is super sweet, subtle, classic but with a modern twist.


It’s already that time of year! We’re a few days into November, and the rush begins. I’ve shared a holiday gift list already, which you can check out here -> 10+ Non-Toy Gifts for Toddlers, but now it’s time to focus on what to wear!

It does seem silly to make such a fuss, but there’s something about wearing festive and cozy clothes this time of year that just feels necessary. Fall and winter fashions and styles are the only thing I actually like about this time of year. You might remember I really despise this cold weather, but wearing sherpa lined boots and cozy plaid makes things a little bit better!

So where to get the cute clothes for your little one? I know I make Riley a few pieces here and there but I can’t resist some of the outfits at Gymboree. They always have good deals going, and some super cute clothes. I’ve rounded up a few highlights from their Holiday collection to share with you.

Here are some of the toddler outfits, but they have similar ones in girls’ sizes too. There’s tons more but I thought these were especially cute for holiday parties. I love how unique the floral one is for the holidays!

Gymboree-Holiday Collection - Toddler Clothes - Girl Clothes

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Can’t forget the boys! Adorable choices! Did I mention that the holiday collection is on sale right now? Go check it out now!

If you’re looking to make your little one’s clothes this holiday season, take a look at my post for girls dresses  or a free t-shirt pattern.

Thank you! Happy Shopping!!!

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10+ Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Toddlers

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably drowning in kids toys by the time your little one reaches toddlerhood. Every once in awhile we do a purge of the living room and toy buckets to get rid of or put aside things for a possible future sibling, but somehow the toys still multiply. While we’ll probably end up with a few new toys to foster development, it would be great to lessen the load with some non-toy gifts that Riley will still be able to enjoy or just be super useful.

Non-Toy Gift Guide | Gift Guide Kids | Toddler Gift Ideas | Holiday Gift Ideas | Christmas Gifts | Toddlers | Kids | Birthday Gift Ideas

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine. Thank you for supporting us!

I’ve rounded up 10+ perfect non-toy gift ideas for toddlers. This is a great list to refer to for Christmas or birthdays. Be sure to share with your family and friends!

1. A personalized story book by I See Me

These books are absolutely adorable and perfect for a toddler or young kiddo. There are so many to choose from so you can be sure to find something your little one likes. They will feel extra special since it features their name. Another great thing they offer are books for special occasions and they offer gift sets.


2.Dress Up Costumes

 Little Adventures make-believe costumes and toys will help spark your toddler’s imagination. First and foremost I love the fact that many of these are princesses, princes, superheroes and more that are un-branded. While most kids have favorite characters from movies or tv shows, I think it’s incredibly important to balance that with items not associated with pre-determined characters and story-lines to foster imagination. Little Adventures offers an affordable and expansive line of costumes your little one will love dressing up in for hours of imaginative play.


3.  Fun Food Cutter

Make your toddler’s food fun and appealing with FunBites. There’s a few differently shaped cutting tools to choose from, including Paw Patrol theme. They are easy and quick to use and will allow you to quickly make your toddler’s meals a little bit more fun and enticing.

4. Craft Activity Boxes

Get a subscription or individual boxes full of crafts and activities about science and arts by Green Kids Crafts. The boxes are available for ages 2-10 and their focus is STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) through learning, discovery and fun. In addition, the company strives to be sustainable through the use of recycled materials, compostable packaging, and avoiding certain materials. A craft box that also fosters learning is a great gift for a little one or even older kid as something you can do with your kids to have fun and learn about important relevant subjects.

5. Labels!

Okay so this one might not be all that exciting for your little one to unwrap, but these are seriously useful especially if your toddler or kiddo goes to daycare or school. Mabel’s Labels offers so many different kinds of labels that will make your life easier. They offer so many cute designs in ‘dishwasher safe, microwave safe and waterproof’ labels as well as iron-on labels and much more. They also have medical alert and allergy related items as well! They have some other handy products as well. Be sure to take a look. Like I said, labels might not be super exciting to your kiddo, but at least labels with cute rainbows or robots will make it more fun for them!

6. Explorer Kits

Another subscription box option that is a little different than the last. Little Passports offers monthly activity boxes related to travel and discovery. Boxes are available in different age ranges starting at 3 and go to about 9+. In the first month you’ll get your little suitcase and tag, stickers and other activities, and the months after that you will get different activities, learning materials, souvenirs, letters and more depending on the age group. The kit will teach your little one about places around the world and around the USA. It is so important for children to learn about the world, and this is a fun way to do it. The best part about Little Passports is that it is so reasonably priced starting as low as $12.95 a month.

7. Mini Guitars

Okay, so this is still a “thing” that will take up space, but not a toy. I’m way too excited that I stumbled upon this not to share. It’s a very special little guitar made by a company called Loog just for little kids with little hands. As someone with a musical background, and passion for bands from the past, like The Beatles, I think this is the coolest little guitar I could ever get Riley. The company offers both acoustic and electric guitars that are made with just 3 strings. They are similar in size to a Ukulele but are tuned and designed like a guitar which makes it easier to transition to a regular sized guitar later on. These guitars are absolutely adorable and the craftsmanship is clear, yet very reasonably priced. To go along with the guitar is a specially designed app and flashcards to help your kid learn chords and songs. I strongly believe music and creating music are so important for children, and this is such a special way to introduce it to them.

Non Toy Gift List | Toddler Gifts | Parenting | Gift Ideas

8. Cooking with your Kids!

Another cool subscription I stumbled across, Kidstir, sends a monthly kit that encourages your kiddo to help in the kitchen. There’s no age group listed, but it seems starting around 3 would be appropriate, but we are going to try one month with Riley (2) because she likes helping mama. In the box they send you two fun cooking tools for your kiddo, recipe cards, educational pages, and activities and games. Each month has a different focus so you won’t get bored with this subscription. It’s a great hands on activity while spending some quality family time together.

9. The Most Fun Pajamas

Leveret makes the cutest pajamas for kids (and mom and dad…and the dog!). They’re known for their matching kid and doll pajamas, but they have so many cute styles for everyone. We personally love their cotton kid and doll jammies, but the new ‘flannel’ style is really cute as well. They have a ton of fun, unique prints to choose from, or fun colorful stripes. There’s even an organic line if that’s important to you! The best part, if you’re kids into it, they have matching pajamas for mom and dad too.



10. Mess free and fun placemats

Has your toddler become a picky eater? These cute placemats by EZPZ will make meal time fun again and easy to clean up for you. These special silicone placemats are made to suction to the table, and have the sectioned plate, or bowl built right into it (read: toddler can not throw plate on the ground). They come in a bunch of different colors and sizes, in happy faces and even care bears. The mini mat is great to throw in the diaper bag for restaurants and much more eco friendly than throw-away stick on placemats. They are offering free shipping but look out for deals which they frequently post!


11. Creative Play Kits, Dress Up, and an Interactive Bear

I couldn’t really pick just one item from this fabulous company I stumbled upon. Seedling has many unique, genuine creative play kits that would be perfect for your little ones. Their “toy” kits are making it to the non-toy list because these require your little one to be creative and crafty. In the 2-4 range there are some adorable adventure cape kits, as well as a few playtime kits. Their bear, Parker, is pretty awesome too. Okay, so this is sort of a toy, but stay with me. He’s interactive through accessories and an app. So he is more than just another stuffed animal. Your little one (about 3+) will take care of Parker with the doctor accessories, through the app his world comes to life with magical details, and there are games and puzzles to do with him promoting STEM. The prices of these kits are super reasonable too and they’re about to have a stocking stuffer sale! Take a look.  They have other kits and activities for ages about 2-8+ and shipping is free for orders $50 and more.

Seedling holiday banners - stocking stuffers
Make sure to pin this to save it for later!

Non-Toy Gift Guide | Gift Guide Kids | Toddler Gift Ideas | Holiday Gift Ideas | Christmas Gifts | Toddlers | Kids | Birthday Gift Ideas

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine. Thank you for supporting us!

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Toddler Survival Kit Must Haves!


So many of us register for adorable baby items when we’re expecting and don’t think past the first year. My daughter’s second birthday is coming up and it made me think about what has been a must have this past year and what new things we will need in the next year to make our lives easier! There are so many helpful and clever products out there for toddlers, so I curated a list of some must haves. If you’re expecting a new little one, it would be smart to add some toddler items to your registry! Might as well get these now because, believe it or not, that first year flies by so fast and our little babies must grow up ( I know, it’s hard to face the truth!!)

If you’re an expecting new mama, I highly recommend starting an Amazon baby registry. There are just so many great products and deals on amazon, it’s a no-brainer. It’s easy to share with your friends and family, it will keep track of who the gifts are from which is perfect for thank you cards, you can add items from other websites, and it’s easy and discreet to make returns just in case. I think the best part is that Amazon Prime members get a 15% completion discount! They have new deals all the time (especially for Prime members, so check your email!)

Baby Registry – $100 credit towards diapers and wipes


Before I start the list let’s talk about Amazon Prime for a moment. Are you a member already? That’s awesome…then you know what all the hype is about. If you’re not, what are you waiting for?? First of all, there’s a free trial, try it. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial You need to get the trial now and get started with Amazon Prime now because….Amazon Prime Day starts on July 10th and you will not want to miss out on the deals!! There will be deals posted for 30 hours and things sell out fast! It’s fun and exciting, and it’s a great time to stock up on some really useful or fun items. If you missed Prime Day, don’t worry! Amazon has flash deals all of the time and you can check out Prime Day next year!

Let’s get into the list!

Sew Jersey Mama | Toddler Must Haves | Baby Registry | Toddler Survival Kit | Summer Toddler Fun | Toddler Activities


1. Silicone Placemat
Toddlers eat…a  lot….and they are messy, and can be picky. This first survival item will make meal time fun and hopefully less stressful. This silicone placemat will suction to a clean surface like your table or counter (because toddlers want to be like the big kids and eat at the table). The placemat is colorful and fun and has sections for their food. These are also great for restaurants and they can be reused again and again – perfect for the eco-conscious mama. Available on Amazon, just click here or the picture.
Sew Jersey Mama | Toddler Must Haves | Baby Registry | Toddler Survival Kit | Summer Toddler Fun | Toddler Activities 2. Silicone Sippy Lids
     These silicone sippy lids are super neat! They make basically any cup into a sippy cup. These are perfect to keep in your bag for when you’re out and stuck without a regular sippy cup. They       don’t leak either! They have some other varieties including tops for straws too!

Boon Snug Silicone Sippy Lids Blue/Orange/Green

Sew Jersey Mama | Toddler Must Haves | Baby Registry | Toddler Survival Kit | Summer Toddler Fun | Toddler Activities
Sew Jersey Mama | Toddler Must Haves | Baby Registry | Toddler Survival Kit | Summer Toddler Fun | Toddler Activities

3. Munchkin Miracle 360 Cups

I could definitely talk about food and drink items for quite a bit (it seems like all Riley does is eat and drink all day), but this will be my last one. These 360 cups are pretty cool! Riley learned how to use it at about 9 or 10 months (just keep offering), and we still use it now. They are great because not only do they NOT leak, but they are much better for oral development than regular sippy cups. It mimics drinking from a real cup (without the spills) so your toddler will learn to drink from a normal cup easier and quicker. Amazon has a few color choices and even some with characters available. Shop around here or click the picture.

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4. Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness Backpack

I know these are a bit controversial (especially to new mommys and relatives, and strangers) but as a mama to a toddler who likes to bolt, this is a life saver. Ignore the glares and stares, because you know your little wild child will be safe with this harness backpack on! Riley has the ladybug version and it is adorable! She’s only worn it a few times so far, but I don’t know what I would have done without it. Most recently she wore it when I took her to the fabric warehouse with me during a sale when strollers weren’t allowed. When I’ve let her “stand near me” in the past, she wanders off, and with it being crowded, it’s not ideal. She happily wore her backpack, and mostly held the little leash herself, but it was there for me to grab when I could tell she was about to start wandering off again. I love that she wants to explore, but sometimes its just not safe (i.e big street festival, boardwalk, theme park…). Your toddler will love wearing their adorable backpack and you’ll have peace of mind. The leash part can unclip or tuck in when its not needed, so it can function just as a little backpack as well. This unicorn one is irresistibly cute, but it is a little pricier than some of the other animals. Pick your favorite, it’s such a good deal for a versatile item!

Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness, Unicorn, Multi

Sew Jersey Mama | Toddler Must Haves | Baby Registry | Toddler Survival Kit | Summer Toddler Fun | Toddler Activities


Sew Jersey Mama | Toddler Must Haves | Baby Registry | Toddler Survival Kit | Summer Toddler Fun | Toddler Activities


5. Melissa & Doug Water Wow!

These coloring notepads are AMAZING! Riley loves these and they are so easy and the perfect size to have in the bag for eating out or even just to have at home. Anything that doesn’t make a huge mess is a good activity- right moms? These ‘coloring books’ are colored or painted by water! The paint brush holds a little bit of water (easy to refill) and then your toddler paints the water onto the special page and color appears! Magic! The colored image will stay until it dries, and then, wait for it-this is the best part, the color goes away and you can use it again and again!! This is seriously a life saver at a restaurant and keeps Riley occupied for quite some time. Amazon has a few sets and some individual ones.
Melissa & Doug Water Wow! Farm/Safari/Under the Sea Reusable Colors with Pad (3 Pack)

Sew Jersey Mama | Toddler Must Haves | Baby Registry | Toddler Survival Kit | Summer Toddler Fun | Toddler Activities


6. Umbrella Stroller

An umbrella stroller is an absolute must have for a toddler. Although they love to walk themselves, they get tired quick and sometimes it’s just not feasible. I loved our full-sized stroller I had for Riley when she was younger, and my husband has it in his car just in case, but around 18 months it was definitely time to switch to a lighter stroller. It’s much easier to push around and maneuver a lighter and smaller stroller, especially with a heavy toddler in the seat. I love this one because it still reclines to multiple positions, and the leg rest can be up for a younger baby or toddler, and all the way down for an older toddler. It folds up pretty compact and has a handle for carrying. I could not give up the basket for storage and I’m glad this one still has that unlike some other more basic styles. Chicco has a few colors and styles available, and they’re all reasonably priced!
Chicco Liteway Stroller, Jasmine

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7. Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

I have to preface this by saying, I don’t have one of these for Riley (yet??) but I think it looks pretty awesome. I’m not a fan of too much screen/tablet time, but there is a time and place for everything. There have been nights we are at a restaurant with some family or friend and Riley is just not having it, and a little screen time is all that will calm down the hysterics. The Fire 7 Kids Edition looks pretty awesome and something that she would be able to use for a few years. First off, it comes with 2 years of protection – it breaks, they replace it – no question. It has a special case for kids to help protect it, and has great content and parental controls. It looks super user friendly for a little one and makes it easy to find awesome videos and interactive games and apps for toddlers and kids. It’s definitely reasonably priced…starting at $99, but I have a feeling there might be a deal during Prime Day!
Shop Amazon Devices – Introducing the All-New Fire Tablets Starting at $49.99

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8. Little Tikes Water Table

Toddlers love water tables! These are great for summer to keep your little one cool without setting up a whole kiddie swimming pool. They can also be used year round with sand or another sensory texture item to fill it up. Riley loves this one but there’s a variety of water tables available on Amazon depending on what you’re looking to spend. This Little Tikes table is super reasonably priced around $30.

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table
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9. Radio Flyer 4 – in – 1 Stroll ‘N Trike

I’m all about saving money, especially since kids grow out of their toys so fast.  This 4 in 1 trike by Radio Flyer will last your little one from early toddlerhood till kindergarten age. It changes as they grow, starting with safety straps, canopy, and push bar for parents, to a tricycle they can pedal themselves. Riley loves going for a ride in her trike with mama’s help. I’m sure she’ll love riding this on her own too!
Radio Flyer 811X 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

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10. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat 

Your little one is going to grow out of their infant car seat before you know it! While they might still meet the weight limit, make sure you check the height limit. Once their head reaches a certain height in the seat, it’s time to give it up. I know it was convenient to snap the seat in and out, but honestly, they get too heavy to carry around in the seat, and they start to not like it anymore. I have heard really great things about the Graco Extend2Fit Convertible car seat. It rear faces and forward faces so it will last the rest of the time your kiddo needs to be in a seat. It has an awesome feature providing more leg room for your growing toddler. The straps and headrest adjust together, making it easy to make an adjustment when you notice it’s needed. I was gifted a different car seat, but this car seat would have been awesome because Riley is definitely running out of leg room but I am not ready to turn her around just yet.
Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, Gotham

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I hope you got some ideas for items for your baby registry, or if your little one is growing up before your eyes, some items to purchase for their 2nd and 3rd year of life! Thanks for reading.

Sew Jersey Mama | Toddler Must Haves | Baby Registry | Toddler Survival Kit | Summer Toddler Fun | Toddler Activities


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