To make things easier for all my busy readers, I’ve compiled a list of resources categorized. These are some of my favorite things!

Sewing  – I can not recommend this enough. They have every type of fabric possible, hundreds of designers and styles, and tons of notions. The prices are very competitive, and orders over $50 qualify for free shipping. Believe me, it’s easy to reach $50 because you will want everything.

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylus – This sewing machine is available through Amazon. I love it! Some people recommend industrial grade machines, but this works great for me. It has a ton of stitches which I use for different purposes or for decorative stitching, and it can be used for quilting. It has a lot of great features and it’s reasonably priced.

Brother PE 770 5×7 Embroidery Machine – I actually got my machine through an Amazon Warehouse deal…check what’s available used, or go right to the warehouse deal pages and search. It will tell you the reason it is there. Mine was returned, but it was actually never opened! Good starting machine, way good choice to go for the 5×7 inch.


The Dinner Daily – The Dinner Daily is awesome! You tell them your food, diet and store preferences, and they will create a meal plan with 5 meals based on deals at your chosen store. This has been a game changer for me because I am not good at meal planning, and it’s helped us stay on budget. You can try it for 2 weeks free, and the monthly subscription ranges from $4-$6. Once your weekly menu has been made, you can go in and swap out some stuff and customize your shopping list. This is a great service for a busy family. A great, trusted place to find babysitters and other care guides. Good idea to get some people in mind and interviewed!

Mabel’s Labels – A comprehensive offering of different kinds of labels for bottles, lunch bags, backpacks, clothes. They have cute designs available.

The Land of Nod – The Land of Nod by Crate & Barrel is the perfect place to check for beautifully thought out and crafted non-electronic toys for all ages. Also, their bedding and furniture is perfectly charming and adorable. Quality is no question here!


Snoofy Bee – These changing pads are awesome, and very reasonably priced. The sides come up to form a barrier to keep little hands away from the changing area. How many times have I had to swat Riley’s hands away while I’m cleaning up….this thing would have been a life saver and wish I knew about it sooner! Perfect for the Baby Registry! They currently have $5 off!

Nested Bean – Another baby must-have I wish I knew about when Riley was little. These swaddles and sleep sacks have a slightly weighted area over the chest, mimicking a parent’s touch. Want better sleep? Then get this you won’t regret it! Another perfect baby registry item. They offer free shipping on all US orders!

Nanit – An advanced baby monitor, more than just a baby monitor, really. This thing analyzes your little one’s sleep, works through an app, and gives you a report of the night each morning. Currently at a promotional price of $364!

Wink Naturals – A great resource for natural teething, sleep, and bath products for your little one. They also offer subscriptions so you’ll never run out!

Finn + Emma – A great source for beautiful, 100% organic baby clothes. What I love most about this brand of clothes it that there are so many truly gender neutral options, and lots of items to mix and match with to make a perfect capsule wardrobe.


My Pretend Place – Cool website to find dress up clothes and accessories for pretend play. Subscription boxes available. I love that these are not character based, but more like occupational/fantasy based. Fun way to spark imagination and pull them away from the TV and iPad!

Seedling – Another fun resource for imaginative play. This one involves a bit of technology, but in a cool innovate way. Simple toys are now interactive with the use of accompanying apps. Spark imagination, and focus on STEAM learning with the products available here. Check the sale section for deals under $10!

Loog Guitars – I can not wait till Riley is old enough for one of these adorable little guitars. The quality looks incredible, and these are the perfect size for little ones to learn guitar. Music has always been part of my life and I plan on making sure the same goes for Riley. These guitars are specifically designed with less strings to help young learners. It has an accompanying app and flashcards. They are reasonably priced for what you’re getting too!

Green Kids Crafts – A fun subscription box with science and art activities for kids 2-10+ . Perfect for when you’re in a rut for what to do! They currently have a code to save on 12 month subscriptions! Great birthday or holiday gift!



Tailwind – Tailwind Apps helps me schedule my Pinterest posts! I share the same things I would normally, but it helps me post at the best time my readers are online! Tailwind also has Tribes, similar to group boards, to pull great content from. My views, repins, and followers have increased greatly since I started!

SiteGround – SiteGround is the web host I use to host my website. It works great to host my wordpress blog website and it’s very reasonably priced!

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